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Florida, US

Angelica Guerrero & Jean Paul Congote

I was introduced to 4Life over three years ago by my brother International Diamond Daniel Murillo. Before 4Life I lived desperately working to provide for my family with no hope of finding a professional job since I had only earned a high school degree. After attending a rally with Platinum International Diamond Juan Rosado, I felt like I had finally found a real opportunity for personal growth with the ability to gain financial freedom. Today, I see that many people spend their lives working and never have time to share with their families, that’s what helped me decide to join 4Life.

The things that have helped me to achieve success are perseverance, the desire to move forward, and a motivation to challenge myself to do something different. I have already achieved one of my goals which was for my wife to stop working. What drives me is the chance to continue taking this freedom message to others like me who don’t have another option to achieve their dreams.

There are many people who have helped me, especially my wife, Angelica, and my daughters, Ariana and Sarai, who have been my support. I am grateful for my mentor and brother, Daniel Murillo and his wife, for introducing the 4Life opportunity. What I enjoy most about my 4Life business is being able to take a message offering a different way of life to people who can then make their dreams come true. Another thing is the opportunity to travel to new countries I thought I would never see. I encourage everyone to stay focused, always persevere, and never give up.